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PM & Consulting


COLLECTIONS: Receive all fees and generate a delinquency list. Institute collections, i.e. telephone calls, letters, payment plans. Additionally, we will detail such activity and make recommendations regarding legal action if required.

EXPENDITURES: Pay from Owner’s Customer Account all accounts payable after verifying the correctness of the invoice and satisfaction of the product or service.

MAINTENANCE: Receive all maintenance calls and schedule all appropriate maintenance repairs. Additionally, write specifications, solicit bids and supervise completion and correctness of routine maintenance activities i.e. lawn maintenance, snowplowing, maintenance, special projects such as interior painting, roof replacement and landscaping.

REPORTING: Provide quarterly financial reports that are concise, readable and understandable. They include quarterly income/expense statements including detail of vendor payments. Delinquency reports when applicable. A written narrative is also prepared for any suggestions or recommendations relative to expenses or to explain budget variances, property improvement, short and long range planning ideas or a general discussion regarding the status of the property.

FINANCIAL: Provide data to the Owner or Owner’s accountant for year-end tax preparation. The completeness of our record keeping and reporting systems will minimize the time and cost required to complete necessary year-end reporting.

SUPERVISION: Provide supervision of all contractors on the property. Initiate site visits at random times to inspect vendor repair or improvement work as needed.

CONSULTING: Provide consultation and advisement on all subjects relative to maintenance, operation, and financial integrity regarding the property.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Provide coordination of architectural plans, construction, project management and consultation for new construction or renovation.


We offer clients an extensive range of services including, but certainly not limited to:

Formation of Investment Strategies for Real Estate Portfolios
We formulate financial and investment strategies suited to and for your needs as a client. Financial planning, modeling, investment and reinvestment, liquidity/exit strategies, lease/sell analysis, 1031 exchanges, lease and sale negotiations and optimal financing/refinancing services and negotiating are some of the areas in which we work with clients.

Real Estate Planning & Advisory Services
We assist clients with financial planning for investments, real estate modeling, acquisition and divestiture strategies, liquidity/exit planning, lease structuring, and 1031 exchanges, just to scratch the surface.

Acquisition & Divestiture Planning
We realize that the real estate goals of each of our clients are unique. Focusing on that uniqueness, we are dedicated to providing periodic review of our clients’ goals, not only during the active investment years, but also into our clients’ retirement years as well.

Real Estate & Business Valuations
We assist in determining the estimated value of you property and/or business for both litigation and non-litigation purposes. Valuation methods vary based upon the type of real estate in which the business operates. We incorporate the proper valuation methods, depending on the market involved. We have participated and assisted clients in successful divestiture/liquidation, buy-outs, litigation and complex real estate and business valuations.

Legal Support Services
We assist clients with valuation of real estate for partnership dissolvement, buyouts, structured settlements, etc. We also assist clients in the formation of real estate entities (such as cell holding companies) and devising creative ownership strategies maximizing economic profitability for the client.

Bookkeeping & Write-Up Services
We prepare compiled financial statements and maintain the general ledger in a time frame that meets your organization’s requirements. This information will be shown logically and organized to help you make relevant and informed managerial decisions. In addition, we provide assistance setting up and maintaining real estate accounting systems for both new and existing businesses

Accounting & Audit Services
To strengthen management procedures and improve operating results, we supplement our audit report with suggestions for attaining these goals. We believe in making financial statements simple and easily understood by the client as well as conforming to the latest pronouncements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and other rule-making bodies.

Financial Statement Reporting
We assist clients in the preparation of their completed or reviewed financial statements. The level of service, completed or reviewed, depends on the client’s needs. These services, unlike an audit, require that we express no opinion or any other form of assurance on the underlying information included in the financial statements. The financial statements produced can be used to make internal financial decisions or they can be sent to an outside party, such as a bank.