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Estate Care

For Primary and Secondary/Absentee Home Owners

Be the Monarch of your castle without the burdens…

Our goal is to provide our customers with a solution to maintaining a primary estate or secondary estate, home or condominium while present or away. In addition to providing our customers with the very best in personalized Estate Care & Home Watch services, we offer a worry free program coordinating your total estate and maintenance needs. This enables your estate to get the complete care and maintenance it needs with you coordinating through one entity, ensuring your property is meticulously kept and cared for, taking the burden off you!

Monarch provides Estate Care Services to homeowners who are in the home, and Home Watch Services to owners in their absence during the winter months, for the season, or over extended absences. We will watch over your investment, take care of maintenance, pay your bills, prepare your home for your arrival, and so much more. We provide an affordable and dependable service that provides security and peace of mind in knowing that your property is being cared for!

Our services provide absentee home owners the peace of mind that they deserve. Thorough checklists and monthly reports along with the ability to view photos and inspection information on our web site or via e-mail give our customers a greater connection to their “home away from home.” You can return to home as if you never left!

Home Inspections
Home Inspections of your vacant home occur on a regular basis. The frequency of home checks are determined by the homeowner. Most clients prefer to have their homes monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Home inspections include a walk through of the inside and outside of your home and grounds.

Inside: We check for roof leaks, skylight leaks, window leaks, broken seals on windows, breakage or security problems of doors and windows, warped wood on doors and windows, lighting problems, air and heat adjustments/monitoring according to seasons, thermostat & alarm battery replacement, bug and rodent problems, running of water in sink traps, flushing of toilets, checking for plumbing leaks or problems, checking of fireplaces, appliance monitoring, hot water heaters, garage doors, etc.

Outside: We check your grounds for erosion problems, drainage issues, rodent damage, pests & inspects, exterior home wear and tear (stucco cracks, paint problems, visible roof damage), security problems, landscape monitoring, drip system problems, sink holes, weed control, put delivered packages inside and pick up papers/flyers/debris from yard.

We would be pleased to provide a detailed inspection of your home and will provide the following such tasks/checks:

  • Visual inspection throughout your entire property, inside and out
  • Take readings of the inside temperature of your home
  • Check flowers, plantings and landscaping to ensure they are being taken care of properly
  • Check for leaks inside and outside the property
  • Check lighting inside and out
  • Secure your residence for the season; check all doors and entry ways
  • Check alarm system; ensure it is armed
  • Monitor for leaks underneath all sinks, toilets, showers and appliances
  • Monitor Landscapers, Pool Service & Pest Control
  • Check Exterior Property, Pool, Spa, Sprinkler system
  • Monitor air conditioning, heating, and HVAC systems
  • Monitor hot water tank (turn down/off in your absence if desired)
  • Monitor plumbing
  • Inspect doors, windows, lighting, etc.
  • Run water in sinks and showers (to keep lines open and fresh)
  • Flush and clean toilets (eliminate water rings)
  • Water Plants

Other Optional services:

  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Forward mail
  • Accepting shipping deliveries
  • Meet installers (i.e. shades/blinds, flooring)
  • Meet deliveries, inspect for damage and handling placement
  • Meet moving van/trucks and direct placement of furniture according to homeowner directions
  • Organize the packing/unpacking, moving and/or storage of home contents
  • Estate sales of interior contents of homes
  • Pet sitting
  • Plant watering
  • Run appliances (i.e. washing machine, garbage disposal, etc.)
  • Start and/or run garaged vehicles during inspection
  • Trash removal facilitation
  • Emergency repairs
  • Security Alarm Contact Person and Response
  • Provide maintenance services
  • Mechanical System/HVAC(Heating & Cooling) maintenance & repair services
  • Changing air filters
  • Plumbing services
  • Pressure washing
  • Miscellaneous repairs and maintenance work
  • Arrival/Departure home preparations; Opening home
  • Wash down Patio, Patio Furniture, etc.
  • Arrange home
  • Housekeeping
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Setting up and meeting with bug & pest control service
  • Organizing repair estimates.
  • Organizing installation of new roofs or roof repairs.
  • Organizing the necessary repairs according to buyer home inspector reports.
  • Organizing home warranty repairs.
  • Organizing home painting of interior or exterior of homes.
  • Organizing landscaping.
  • Organizing and monitoring of satellite systems set up, cable TV, security alarm systems, and electronics.
  • Assisting interior designers implement their work.
  • Assisting realtors, in areas which do not require licensing, for the benefit of our clients.
  • Bill paying for clients.
  • Meeting your guests and giving them entrance to your home.
  • Fill Golf Cart batteries with water, check charge

Maintenance of Homes
We organize and monitor regular maintenance of your home as determined by the homeowner. This may include weed control, landscaping, housekeeping, window washing, carpet cleaning, chimney cleaning, heat and air conditioning maintenance, annual roof maintenance, (flat roof homes) and all repairs and construction.

  • Your garaged vehicles: We can start vehicles and run them while doing inspections.
  • Trash barrel out and return when needed.
  • Setting up and meet with Bug and Pest Control Service
  • The highest quality vendors, trades’ people, and sub-contractors are managed by Monarch for repair and maintenance of homes.

Maintenance & Handyman Services
Monarch has “on-call” technicians available 24/7. Work estimates on large projects are available.

Housekeeping Services
Whether you are scheduling a visit to your home, or are just interested in maintaining it, Monarch can organize housekeeping services prior to your arrival and after you leave. Many absentee homeowners take advantage of this service. Some have monthly cleanings. Homes that sit for long periods become dusty and dirty. By ordering housekeeping service, we assure a pleasantly freshened home upon your arrival!

Amenities & Concierge Service
Estate Care Services can also provide you with an array of amenities when you return such as fresh flowers, wine, snacks or even a fully stocked refrigerator! We can even provide personal concierge service and arrange your dinner reservations, tours, golf tee times, theater reservations, transportation and can provide a variety of other services to help make you or your guests’ stay(s) unique and comfortable.

Special Requests & Extra Services:

  • Fresh flowers, wine, snacks
  • Breakfast items
  • Grocery list fulfillment
  • Tours
  • Dinner reservations
  • Golf tee times
  • Theater reservation/tickets
  • Limo & shuttle services
  • Yoga, Spinning & other Fitness Sessions in the home
  • Massages in the Home: After a strenuous Peninsula hike, bike or day on the bay you’re bound to want a relaxing massage. We provide in home massage therapy.
  • Candle lit atmosphere complete with rose pedals, wine, chocolate covered strawberries and anything else you desire to make that anniversary, birthday or any occasion extra special
  • Personal Chef: for that special occasion, whether it is just you and yours or an evening of company, we are organizing personal chef services for our clientele.
  • Catering for small groups or large parties
  • Let us know your special requests and we will have them waiting for you in your home. We love to pamper!

*Please book amenities prior to your arrival, when possible.

Estate Care Services will organize your transportation needs from an around town shuttle service to private cars or limousines. Ask for up to date rates. We will also organize airport pick-up and drop off services.

When problems occur we handle it!
You can count on professional handling of your home issues. We notify you of any problems and make recommendations to correct them. We put our knowledge of community trades people to work for you. We will get bids for you or simply organize the necessary service, meet with the repair person and admit them into your home. We will stay until the repair person has completed his/her work, set alarms and lock up following their departure. We can also send digital photo of problems or completed repairs by email. In any event, the homeowner is the person who decides who to hire and what exact repair is to be done and how much money is to be spent. The homeowner has full control and the final say, regarding the satisfaction or outcome of work completed. Estate Care Services merely carries out the homeowners wishes. We become your eyes, ears and voice, when you can not be here to manage your home details.

When a crisis occurs, (and they do!) you will be glad it isn’t your neighbor watching over your home! You will have peace of mind because you have a professional service in place to handle these upsetting events. There is no worry with Monarch’s Estate Care Services! A crisis is handled on the spot. We will immediately get the situation under control as fast as possible. You will be called as soon as it is feasible. Many times a homeowner can not be reached immediately and the situation can not wait. We have saved further destruction of homes by fast action. Your crisis may need an immediate plumber, electrician, sewer technician, handyman, police or fire department response before we can locate you. We competently handle any crisis. This is one of the qualities you will want from a home service company like ours. When hiring a “home watcher” always ask yourself whether the company/person you are hiring can efficiently handle emergency situations? This is what separates a professional service from the local person who “watches homes on the side.” We focus solely on our business and we have the highest reputation to prove it!

Make OUR resources YOUR resources. A team of experts working for YOU
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.